Questions to Answer Before Buying a Wireless Security Camera

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The good thing about wireless security camera is that it does not have wires. Also, installation is a simple DIY project as long as you have a drill and a ladder. For wired systems, you have to hire a professional to install them. Most homeowners find these security cameras quite appealing because of the freedom to install them anywhere. In this way, they can protect their properties without restrictions.

Which Source of Power Does It Use?

wireless cctv cameraA wireless security camera has its own power supply. Thus, even when there is a power outage, you can keep tabs on the property. However, you will need to manually change the batteries and have them charged on a routine basis. It is advisable to get a unit with a rechargeable battery pack as you will not need to purchase batteries.

You should examine its battery life. Some can run for several days or months without having to recharge. Some units are designed to record only when there is a movement. This is an important feature that extends the battery life.

What is their Video Resolution?

There is no need of having a wireless security camera if you cannot tell what it is recording. This explains why you should consider choosing the right camera with excellent resolution. It is a good idea to go with a high solution. Ensure you choose a camera that offers a resolution of 1080p.

What is the Field of View?

This is an important thing to consider. You should go for cameras with a large field of view. This will ensure your camera captures a great area. Get a camera with at least 120-degree field of view.

What are the Useful Perks?

Some cameras provide extras that make them quite useful. Some of the features to look for include magnetic bases, free cloud storage, two-way radio, motion alerts, magnetic bases, night vision, mobile apps, and live streaming.

How many Cameras Do You Want?

smart outdoor wifi cameraBefore shopping, you ought to know the number of security cameras you want. Also, you should know where you will place them to get an idea of what you will want to buy. Security cameras do more than just being there and recording your yard. They can help you even to know who is at the door.