The Top Camera for a Spy That You Should Know


Although dozen spy cameras are available in the market, finding a quality camera that can achieve the best results is not easy. Through research and experience, we have compiled top spy cameras that we will like to discuss in this article. Today’s spy cameras can be categorized into mini cameras, spy pens, USB cameras, button cameras, spy clock, spy glasses, spy watches among others. Our compiled list features top spy camera from different groups. Here is the top camera for a spy:

Altata 1080p Spy Pen

Atlanta is the top camera in our list for its usability, design, and capabilities. It has a plug and plays capability, and you can use it on any laptop. It adheres to the highest recording standards, with the highest camera resolution of 1280 x 1080p and frame rate of up to 30 FPS. This means that with this spy camera, you can achieve crystal clear video recording. Moreover, it comes with a polymer lithium battery of 220mAH, which ensure long
time recording.


Micro IP Hd Clock

The micro Wi-Fi alarm clock camera is included in a clock,
which makes it difficult for anyone to suspect that there is a surveillance camera. It features some features that include 1080 resolution, motion detection, and 30 fps. It has all the functionality of an alarm clock plus an HD spy camera and a 32 BG card that allow you to record videos. It also features Wi-Fi that allows you to connect and view live videos anywhere using your phone.

Spycam Wall Charger

Although this is an HD video recording camera, it is very small and makes it very hard to notice. Moreover, is featured in a wall charger and no one will easily suspect that there is a surveillance camera. It is designed to record and store data on a mobile device wirelessly. You can install management software in more than one device, and you can also configure it to send a notification to your device whenever it starts recording.

This camera features more magnificent features as compare to most
other spy cameras. Apart from motion detection capabilities, this camera has night vision capabilities and can achieve crystal clear images whether it is day or night.

SS Waterproof Wireless Camera

If you are looking for a versatile camera that can suit a different purpose, this is the right camera for you. It is a small yet powerful
camera designed to achieve quality graphics and can be used on a drone or at home. It measures about 0.87 inches are ways about 0.7 ounces and features an incredible battery life. It uses wife for data transfer that let you monitor it from anywhere. It supports motion detection, which makes it great for saving space and battery.

1080P Button Spycam

If need a small wifi camera that comes with different attachments that mimic different buttons, this is the right camera for you. It
is designed to mimic a button, which makes it hard to notice it. It uses wifi to transfer data, and you can monitor it anywhere. It also supports motion detection, which let you save storage space and battery life.