Benefits of Using USB Flash Drives

computer, USB port

USB flash drives are used to transfer data to or from a computer. Among the major advantages of USB drives is that they are portable and can be used for multiple purposes. In addition to that, they are durable because they do not have moving parts. They will serve you longer compared to the hard drives. This article will discuss some of the major benefits of flash disks. Read on.


flash drive, small sizedFlash drives are small in size. This makes them easily portable. You can attach them to a keychain or slip them in your shirt or trouser pocket. Majority of these devices are between two and three inches. However, we have the largely sized designs bought by a specific group of buyers. You can be sure that you can carry it around without noticing you have it.


They can carry between 1 to 128 GB sized data. The 1GB drives are cheap and are used to carry light files and for simple file transfers. If you want to use a flash drive to back up a program, a bigger size is required. If you have large loads of data to store, I would recommend that you buy USB drives with 32 GB and above. The largest size can store large files like of music, pictures, and movies.

Transfer speed

The 3.0 version of USB drives has been recorded to transfer data at a speed of 4.8 gigabytes per second. This is great speed compared to that of SD memory card, which transfers 312 MB per second.


This device is the standard option to connect all electronic and storage devices to a computer. You will notice that laptops, notebooks, and desktops have multiple ports meant for the USB. Other than that, we have the dual purpose USBs which can read memory cards.

Low power

We already said that the device does not have movable parts. This feature makes it consume less power. Compared to hard disks which need the writing and reading parts to function, this device consumes less power.

Purpose made applications

Notebook, flash driveThere are many applications, and programs build to run directly from the USB. Software applications like image editors, games, web browsers and office software can be booted directly from this device. If you have been looking for a storage device, the above are enough reasons to make you buy a USB flash drive.…

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