Benefits of Using Spy Pens

man with a spy penTechnology keeps transforming various aspects of our lives. Once bulky inventions have been converted to small and ergonomic devices. Cameras, for instance, have been significantly changed by technological advances. While full-frame cameras are still in operations, there are now ergonomic spy pens that are incredibly small.

One of the greatest attributes of a spy pen is its ability to be hidden in plain sight. If you are thinking about acquiring a spy pen from, for any reason, here are benefits that should encourage you to purchase one sooner.

Convenient to Use

A spy pen camera design and size make it an ideal choice for a variety of applications. And the fact that you can hide it in plain sight gives you a vast amount of placement ideas. For instance, you can leave it on any surface, hang in your purse, or set it next to your belongings. In light of this fact, spy pens can be used in a variety of applications ranging from recording harassment cases, recording scenes of an accident, or recording a meeting for investigative reasons.

You Can Also Write With the Pen

Although pens are meant to write, not all cameras are designed to write. Most manufactures, however, ensure that their spy pens can be used to write. The ability to scribble something on a piece of paper goes a long way in making others believe that it is a real pen.

Easy to Operate

While being able to hide a spy camera in plain sight is an obvious benefit, another is being able to operate it with ease. If you are trying to record something without being noticed, the last thing you should go for is a camera that is hard to operate. In light of this fact, spy pen are easy to use. Their one-button feature, in particular, saves users from operational issues such as fumbling through menus or pressing the wrong buttons.

Great Stay-Behind Camera

While most people spy pen cameras while wearing them on their bodies, these small cameras also make great stay-behind cameras. This means that you can turn the camera on and place it in a penholder or any other convenient place. The only limitation here could be the pen’s battery life. However, investing in a pen with a long battery life means that you will not be limited in any way.

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Top Tips for Choosing Battery Operated Outdoor Security Cameras

video security camera

Before you purchase battery operated outdoor security camera, there is a need to determine the features that matter to you and those that do not. Also, you have to determine the right location to install your security camera and protect it from the threat of vandalism.

Since they use batteries as their source of power, you can monitor areas where there is no electric power. Thus, they provide a perfect security solution for different areas such as boats, docks, barns, vacation homes, and construction sites. Moreover, you can watch live coverage from anywhere in the world. The fact that there are numerous of these cameras on the market, it may be a bit difficult to choose the right one.

IP Rating

security cameraYou should note that outdoor security cameras that are designed for outdoor use have an IP rating. Remember that they ought to withstand harsh weather situations. Therefore, they have to be weather resistant and waterproof. When buying these cameras, remember to check an IP rating. Ideally, this is a two-digit number that shows you how a device is protected against liquids and solid objects such as dirt, rain, and more. If you reside in an area that receives a lot of rainfall and snow, you have to take IP rating seriously.

Night Vision Capability

Ideally, you do not expect to get fuzzy pictures from an outdoor security camera. Ensure you get a security camera with excellent night vision. This will provide you a peek at what goes at night, but it can also help you to discern objects and faces in dark situations. The good thing about this feature is that you will see objects even in their true color and even identify human clothing.

WDR Function

outdoor security cameraIf you are planning to install your battery operated security camera outdoors in an environment that has a sharp contrast of lighting, then you should consider a wide dynamic range (WDR). In this case, you have an effective solution, even in challenging lighting scenarios. It can tackle various scenes with harsh lighting conditions and provides a perfect exposure in dark and bright areas. With the visibility and detail required for outdoor areas, WDR becomes more prominent.

Wi-Fi Range

The good thing about battery operated outdoor security cameras is that they are flexible as far as placement is concerned. However, you have to place the cameras within Wi-Fi coverage. Ensure you check the distance of the cameras to the router. For long-range wireless cameras, you need a stable Wi-Fi connection if you want to watch the coverage remotely.…

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